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I can't tell you enough how amazing Simplicity Vegan Baking is. I have tried so many of the baked goods and I wouldn't be able to tell you which is my favourite. Darlene has been great! I have told her about my dietary needs and she has been most understanding and accommodating. As well I gave her an idea for a baked good to try and the most delicious sample was on my front door step the following day. I will be going back again and again to Simplicity Vegan Baking and Catering.

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GINGER MOLASSES COOKIES & CHEESE CAKE! 5 star across the board!

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All I can say is: Awesome! I have been sampling and ordering from Darlene for some time now and it is the best because everything she bakes is my favorite. I can't decide which one is my favorite because I try one thing and love it, then he next it is just as good as the last one. I was never a fan of cheesecakes and pies until I tried hers and WOW! Perfect! I don't buy store bought treats anymore as I only buy from Darlene. Keep up the delicious art.

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There is nothing better than home made desserts, but I don't consider myself a great baker to begin with and going GF and Vegan adds extra complexity at being able to recreate the recipes I love. When I heard about Simplicity Vegan Baking I thought I would give it a go. This is now my go to place. I will recommend that everyone try at least one thing from Darlene.

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Your chocolate chip cookies are a must have staple in my house. Thank you.

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I never had vegan baking in my life until my daughter brought home one of Simplicity Vegan Baking's cheesecakes. I had no idea you could make such an incredible cheesecake without the use of dairy. Fantastic!!!

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Cam B.

We have been ordering from Darlene at Simplicity Vegan for our office as we are all obsessed with her baking! It is so refreshing to find a local baker who uses natural ingredients and makes all your favourite treats but in a healthy way (allergy specific options as well). The taste is way better than anything store bought and when you realize it's good for you, it will be hard not to eat the whole box! Our favourites so far are the nanaimo bars and chocolate chip cookies, but can't wait to try the whole menu!

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Liana L.

I absolutely LOVE Simplicity Vegan Baking! I have to follow a very strict and limited diet which means I seldom have baking of any kind. However when given my long list of restrictions, Baker Darlene was able to provide me with my first cookies in 2 years!!!! I could hardly believe she had actually followed the list since they were that good! I used to be a baker myself and still struggle to make anything for myself. Now I have been able to have pumpkin muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and even granola bars again! I no longer feel cheated when a special event comes and I need a dessert, I can just call to fill my cravings. I highly recommend Simplicity Vegan Baking to anyone with dietary restrictions who wants delicious, reasonably priced, quality baked goods!

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Aga J.

I have tried several baked treats: zucchini & banana loafs, granola bars, truffles, black bean brownies. Darlene accommodated requests to avoid many products, to reduce sugar, to substitute. The avoid list was long and yet Darlene could always find something to replace an ingredient with something that worked. She has been very creative finding substitutes. All her products very really yummy.

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